Cooperlink – A multi-partner integration platform and its digital workplace

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Leverage your partnerships, make your people more productive, and make more informed decisions by facilitating and automating collaboration, data exchange, and approval workflows with partners from their own tools. Watch our video

As a public organization, you manage complex projects and/or large volume of data exchanged with private companies (e.g. public consultations, execution of tenders, provision of open or sensitive data, …).

Your employees must regularly copy, encode the same document or the same information in several different tools, on cloud platforms or collect them many by e-mail. Private companies must also collect the information your organization provides through web portals, sort, update, and archive it on their own tools. This generates a massive exchange of e-mails, repetitive manual encodings, a lack of centralization, the risk of poor workmanship and a waste of time. It follows a real loss of money and motivation.


Typically used as the cement to bridge disparate IT applications, Cooperlink enables public institutions and private companies to access relevant information and manage all their interactions and information exchange in one place (universal gateway). And especially with external partners. Each company can connect its own tools, automate its exchange of information in a simple and particularly secure way (no data stored on the cloud), while remaining autonomous.

Cooperlink provides a Digital Workplace, and a Multi-enterprise Middleware which is an intermediary software that creates a network of information exchange between different computer applications (e.g. MS sharepoint, alfresco, Jira, …). This exchange of information is found in a place that is in a way the place of digital collaboration. As if it were a meeting room in the real life but available everywhere and at any time, like at the office!


Cooperlink can efficiently be used in several cases like :
– Multi-partner projects
– Management of tenders’ execution
– Universal gateway to provide access to open and closed data



Axel Palmaers